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Placing your company’s logo or product-specific advertisement on the label of a water bottle is a progressive marketing campaign that will allow you to gain access to a unique client base that your current marketing efforts likely do not reach. You can leverage our growing nationwide network of rideshare partners to promote your companies brand, event, product(s), or incentive promotion directly to widespread reach of rideshare customers. Once the bottle of water is in the hands of the rideshare customers it becomes a mobile ad that will travel and be seen at the next destination the passenger(s) travel to which in turn instantly increases your companies exposure exponentially, without any extra effort or costs to your company.


Today’s consumers are bombarded with ads on all their mobile devices, social media, emails, etc. This platform offers an unprecedented, fresh approach to reaching a vast client base with minimal effort. This also provides for a more non-invasive approach to literally getting into the hands of every client without them having to consciously interact with the ad, as it is on their devices, or complain about an ad interfering with their consumer experience.





Our graphic designers and marketing team will consult with you directly to uniquely design your custom water bottle label. We will provide a sample design for your review and approval and make any changes desired, prior to printing.



We offer you flexibility and control of your rideshare ad by giving you options such as what time of day to distribute, the duration of distribution and geographic reach for your advertisement to be placed in the hands of consumers.

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Once your custom water bottles are ready, you will receive an email confirmation which includes a final rendering of your ad. At this point in time, your mobile advertisements will be distributed to our nationwide network of rideshare partners and placed in the hands of rideshare customers.


Fill out the forn below to get your advertisment literally in the hands of local consumers.