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Rideshare AD Group provides innovative advertising solutions to local companies that want get their logo, brand, event, promotion and more to active consumers by providing you access to our expansive network of rideshare professionals across the country. By using the pre-existing network of drivers, implementation and roll-out of your desired campaigns will be seamless and can place your business directly into the hands of thousands of daily rideshare customers as quickly as logistically possible.


We customize and build your entire advertisement campaign around captivating the patron’s attention to drive brand recognition and profitability. Wherever your customized water bottle travels, the impact of your marketing efforts follow, as well. As we all know, everyone drinks water and will appreciate having the option to quench their thirst while traveling to their destination.


If you currently work for a rideshare company like Uber, Lyft, or any major passenger transportation company  you can become a rideshare partner with Rideshare AD Group and earn extra income, increase tips and receive more 5 star reviews by giving free water bottles to your passengers. Ask us how to make extra money while you make money!